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Also because of the children: Hanks affair asks Kendra Wilkinson to divorce

Hanks affair asks Kendra Wilkinson to divorce

If a divorce now but before or remains Kendra Wilkinson at their very generous intent, her husband Hank Baskett to forgive his infidelity? The rumors about the slow sinking relationship boat of the two could not be more different, opinions diverge. Now Hanks has affair that Ava Transexual Sabrina London, mixed again in this spicy story - but this time as a consultant! And what she wants to put Kendra doing to my heart, is surprising at first glance not: rely 'playboy finally! Their reason is but a little surprising ...

Because no means Ava Sabrina wants to take the giant now for yourself - quite the contrary. Apparently she wants the betrayed Kendra open your eyes, what is really worse for a finger to her husband. Radar Online now published excerpts of a letter of love affair Hanks to Kendra and what is written in it, do not flatter the man in this story: "It makes me sad that I'm still the bad guy ... Hank should be the one responsibility for his fraud takes over - and the clear disregard of your Ehegelöbnisses ". When Ava was getting Sabrina namely with former athlete, this would have never mentioned to have a wife and children. "If anybody's the victim, then probably it," said the message in relation to the two little ones, "I sympathize with them, because I would have never wanted for your children or someone else from the family."

Now you probably already guessed what that message should ultimately result: Hank is a ruthless guy who has cheated all the protagonists of this drama, including his bedmate. Her last words: "My advice to you if you like him now want to hear or not, is: Let a divorce from Hank and save yourself future heartache Hank is a liar with many problems and I believe it: 'Once cheater, always deceiver. '"How is Kendra react?