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Amanda Bynes: Still a month in psychiatry

From child star to human wreck - the dramatic change that by making Amanda Bynes in recent years, shocked the public. Her uncontrolled lifestyle reached a few days ago with an involuntary commitment to a mental institution the sad climax. Better but as though it still does not go.

For 17 days, the actress is treated in a psychiatric ward. During this time, according to TMZ not succeeded in improving their health condition, and so saw Amanda's doctors no other way than to extend their stay in the clinic. To obtain renewal legally, they were even before a judge and said that Amanda "very ill" is. The judge has now granted the request, and so Amanda is still treated for another month.

Like their parents reacted to this decision is not yet known. But one can assume that they favor this step, because they were the ones who first Amanda get her admitted.