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Armed with the sisters? Khloe Diss: Now speaks Kim Kardashian plain text!

Khloe Diss and Kim Kardashian Armed with the sisters

Go Kim and Khloe Kardashian currently really out of the way? The Reality-Stars are currently not well understood - is rumored. And that's only because Kim published a curious Twitter post that - so it is believed - an allusion to Khloe is. Now Kim, however, reports once again to speak and clarifies what is on the whole sisters-dispute-story low down.

Reason for the first assumption, the famous Kardashian sisters had quarreled, was Kim utterance to annoying quotes that are posted on Instagram. Too bad that Khloe's what makes a preference. But it looks like, Kim was referring not to her: "I would never throw my sister on Twitter with dirt I do not bewerfe the quotes my sister with dirt you do not overdo it I have generally people meant too many... Post quotes ", the wife of musician Kanye West now writes on her Twitter page. Is so so everything okay between the two?

Yet Khloe has not commented on the whole thing. Probably because the sisters are very long behind closed doors or have cleared the misunderstanding out of the way.