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Aurora & the Boys: Now speaks Michelle Hunziker

In recent weeks a lot about Aurora Ramazzotti speculated love life. You should have only one, then the other snogged and happy and much flirting. 

But now Mama Michelle Hunziker speaks up and explains about the supposedly "wild" love life to her daughter.

For as Michelle now reveals in an interview with the Gala, Aurora is anything but a Männerfängerin and the many guys in her life are all just good friends of her oldest offspring.
So far, my daughter was only a boy tightly And with Giacomo But that was two months back by -.. And Auri was devastated.
 According to Michelle Aurora was with the boys more than the popular buddy coveted object Flirt and have just quite a lot of male friends, so as Michelle earlier also.
Although it is open and confident, in terms of guys but no seductress. For her everything has to run romantic, 
-says the mom.