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Back again! Amanda Bynes turns on by Twitter

Back again! Amanda Bynes turns on by Twitter

When Amanda Bynes was arrested in late September, the spiral of actress seemed to turn down again. After being now released from psychiatry, she turned directly to their fans in the Internet and agreed to a court battle with their parents. During her last Twitter post is from May this year, she chirps for a few hours, seemingly by the minute ...

I'm with my lawyer today in court, to prove that I am more than capable to lead my own life and my finances. I'm angry!
-informierte them their supporters and seemed to want to give their words equal emphasis.

Because only a few minutes later, she published a nearly identical content just yet:
 "I am today with my lawyer before the Court, to argue with my mother and my father of control over my life and my finances".
and added:
 "the people need to hear the truth about me. I have the Court to show that I don't need any help in making decisions".
It became even more confused but Amanda brought an extremely serious accusations against her own father:
 "the police has convened an investigation against my father. I can't be in a room with him. He is a sex offender and he should be sitting behind bars."

Should it be a very own reality from Amanda's world this again? Finally she should on the nose once all have misled and faked her own engagement. Already an other allegation, she also gave a few minutes ago on the Internet of himself was clearly known. Already a few weeks ago, she accused her parents and her ex-manager again the lie:
 "I'm so sorry, that you were deceived by Sam Lufti and my parents".

Whether it actually will succeed Amanda with these very confused life signs, to convince the fans of their mental health?

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