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Beauty Shock: Renée Zellweger without makeup

Beauty Shock: Renée Zellweger without makeup

Even without makeup looks actress Renée Zellweger currently not as itself. You initially harbored the hope that their outward change is possibly also due to the extremely made-up face, so you are wrong.

In Mississippi Renée was photographed without makeup on weekends. There she is to her new film "Same Kind Of Different As Me" and appears completely unpretentious currently due to filming. The hair is tied back in a loose bun, her individual strands fall loose in the end. Neither Mascara Rouge still carries Renée and looks very pale. A bit exhausted she looks also, but this is surely also due to their tight schedule.

The paparazzi who besieged Renée on that day, you set course, the inevitable questions about her changed appearance, so what Renee did not like. Accordingly, their response also quite harshly fell out: "My goodness, you really asking me these questions you must apologize, but I have more important things to do than to concern myself with it and its safe?."

That was clear: Renée has no desire to talk about their obvious interventions. Even if is obvious that she has definitely taken surgical help, the remains - in Renee's eyes - still their private matter.

Renée Zellweger