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Because of irascible! Kanye West totally "tame"

In paparazzi circles should be common knowledge that Kanye West would like to be treated with kid gloves: Advances a stranger to him in a private situation too much on the skin, the rapper is happy times abusive to violent - so at least it was earlier . Whether Kanye now wants to get rid of its reputation as an irascible eccentric? In a New York restaurant, he presented last weekend namely his gentle side.

As the musician dined in New York restaurant Galatoire, he witnessed a Junggesellinnenabschiedes at the next table. Kanye did not splash out and unceremoniously sent over a bottle of champagne to the revelers. But that's not all: Tame like a pony at the petting zoo posed of 37-year-old with the restaurant guests for photos, beamed sometimes even like a Cheshire cat grin on his face. Who would have thought that the dreaded hip-hop star could be so kind?

He then told even the snapshots via Instagram - if he wants to actually prove that he can be very sweet, even if he only wants to?

Kanye West

Perhaps the bachelor party in Kanye also cried quite simple but pleasant memories of his own wedding awake - after her still not too long.