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Blake Lively: the mother-to-be gives his first impressions of pregnant woman!

The actress is expecting her first child, the serenity and the love of a cohesive family.

Since the announcement of her pregnancy, Blake Lively, age 27, is still more discreet than usual. Already the former star of Gossip Girl tends to stay away from the spotlight when she, or her husband, beau Ryan Reynolds, do not turn. There, her maternal instinct already takes over and it is in the family cocoon found the interpreter of Serena Van der Woodsen.

Author of a site called Preserve, in which she shared lifestyle and his vision of things, Blake Lively uses this way to communicate with the rest of the world. In one of the last posts, the actress shared her first impressions of pregnant woman, as well as several beautiful photos taken by his big brother, Eric.

"With a new baby on the way, there is so much to do, tells the star." But before you experience the joys of screaming at the middle of the night, heaps of insurmountable layers at first, and to have his shirts preferred covered with vomit... There are gifts to open, rompers to dye, cakes to serve, to give advice and all celebrations to take."

With parents also cute, it welcomes already discover the jar of the small being which should arrive in a few months. After Mila Kunis, who has given birth recently, and Rachel Bilson, Blake Lively offers us one of the most anticipated pregnancies of the moment!