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Blatant diet: Deflector Amal Alamuddin look slim?

Just two weeks ago, Amal ALAMUDDIN has married the probably most eligible Bachelors in the world. The wedding took place in the districts of about 100 guests in the romantic city of Venice with George Clooney. Amal wore a magical wedding dress and was fascinated with a willowy figure.

Amal has always been slim, but to fit in the white dress of her dream, she has lost a few pounds more. And, according to OK! This not in the conventional way with a normal diet did she, but helped to with a small miracle cure. An insider revealed: "Amal has settled to a diet spray weeks ago." This slimming spray one to three times a day to spray into the mouth and supposedly suppress cravings so using contained minerals. Meanwhile, she should weigh just 47 kilos with a size of 1.74 metres. An expert but said that such a radical weight loss only in conjunction with a corresponding calorie reduction and adequate exercise is possible and not very healthy.