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Bonnie Strange: Thin despite calorie bombs

Bonnie StrangeThin despite calorie bombs

Bonnie Strange has a crazy character and some might say it is a bit too thin - for a model and it-girl actually almost normal! Unusually, at least for their dimensions, however, is the nutrition program. According to her Instagram profile that consists namely in large part from sweets and fast food.

"A light breakfast!" Said Bonnie's comment on a posted her picture. Then see: Burger, fries and a croissant. In addition, Bonnie is a pizza fan, as can be clearly seen in some pictures also. But sweets are not forgotten: On a photo of the model holding candy bar in his hands, on another cake pieces and writes: "On a birthday no one takes it!" Sounds all well, but is unfortunately still not true. More astonishing act as Bonnie scantily clad pictures where she looks almost skinny. "How can you always eat so blatant and so have a bomb figure?" Asks a fan at one of the "Fast Food" -Pics. A response from Bonnie there is it, unfortunately not for the time being.