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Brad Pitt on the cover of the magazine "Psychologies"

Hollywood actor Brad Pitt philosophizes on the pages of the new issue of the magazine Psychologies of the role of the father and caring parent, as well as talking about his wife Angelina Jolie.

Brad Pitt on the cover of the magazine Psychologies

On the role of the father

"Ever since I became a father, I feel like the happiest person on Earth. Fatherhood changed me at many levels of my life, made me more generous, honest and alive. I know that children are an integral part of my life, and it means a lot. I have the opportunity to educate them, help them to the right path. I like to be a father, and perform all the duties that ensue. This is the most beautiful thing you can experience. "

On the role of a caring parent

"I worry about the children all the time. This emotional communication and responsibility comes at you from the minute you become a parent, you need to take care of. I care more about them than about me. I think this is the real definition of love. I wish only the best to his family ".

His wife Angelina Jolie

"Angelina was just amazing. In the evening I can get tired and lie down on the sofa while she continues to work until late at night. It makes me feel needed, because I then get up and go play with the boys, or ukladyva├╗ the children to sleep. At such moments, you understand that inside you is energy, as a parent you have to have a lot of power. "