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Brash action! "Lady Gaga"-Double displayed

Lady GaGa in Germany

Lady GaGa blends Germany on! The pop diva is currently on tour and thrilled their fans in this country with their offbeat stage performance. But not only that, but also spontaneous shopping tours in Cologne's city centre. And exactly this 'nad hard catch' has become now a team of RTL to benefit. A fake Lady GaGa until in the sixth floor of the Hyatt hotels as well as in the LANXESS succeeded to infiltrate the arena in the Cathedral City.

A team comedian by Kaya Yanar, YouTube star Joyce Ilg, gave the double and joined with black sedan, four bodyguards, a camera crew and another before the media Entourage and is granted admission to the Nobel hotel, the express reported. But that's not all! Fake Lady GaGa gave autographs, posed for photos with fans, and came with her look turned out the original already pretty close. Even behind the concert stage, the convoy made it, then noticed the brazen con!

The security service of the superstars was about the smuggling of course everything else as excited and called the police. Then, even display was refunded! For the team, despite use of vigilante, a success, then on Friday from 23: 00 at "we go yet? Kayas week"at RTL can be seen.