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Charlie Sheen attacked her dentist with a knife

Charlie Sheen attacked her dentist with a knife

It looks like Charlie Sheen will never cease to surprise us-this time the actor's name was in all the headlines the media after he lashed out at his dentist with a knife.

According to Los Angeles police, the incident occurred when the idol of millions went to the dentist to treat an abscess. But apparently, at some point Shin regretted his decision, because it started to wave your hands and eventually hit the nurse who at this point was trying to put on his mask, which feed into the lungs of the patient relaxing gas.

However, Charlie was not going to stop there-he jumped up from his seat, pulled out a knife from somewhere and started to chase him a doctor. Fortunately, the actor never managed to harm him.

One of the guards, the clinic said that at the time of the attack, Shin is in a State of narcotic intoxication-according to him, before the visit to the dentist actor used cocaine.

It should be noted that because of its fatal addiction Charlie and once got into a nasty situation. One can only hope that there is at least one person who will be able to bring a star. Otherwise the Tire will soon only the hero Chronicles scandalous, but certainly not the star of the movie.