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Ciara has become the latest victim of Vitaly Sedyuk

Ciara has become the latest victim of Vitaly Sedyuk

Paris Fashion Week has stood for the rich Ukrainian Vitali prankera Sedyuk. September 30 before showing Valentino Sedyuk "attacked" by the singer Ciara, posed for pictures. Vitaly Sedyuk approached the singer and dropped her coat, left in a shirt and a thong (on the thigh prankera sported the words Chanel). Journalist Ciara friendly hug and posed, after which he was expelled from the red carpet show protection. It should be noted that Ciara has not lost composure and continued to smile for photographers during the regular tricks Sedyuk.

Infamous journalist said that makes his "attack" on celebrity solely to good use, because such behavior is an integral part of show business. Vitaly Sedyuk also noted that the European Union may ban him from entering (as it had previously done the United States), but pranker hopes that this will not happen.

Vitaly Sedyuk and Ciara

Vitaly Sedyuk and Ciara scandal photo