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Clooney: Was Brad Pitt not invited?

Was Brad Pitt not invited

Since the dream wedding of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin there are in the celebrity world hardly a more important topic than the long-awaited wedding vows of the former eternal bachelor and his beautiful bride. Because of course the Hollywood Stars could not ask for a long time - no matter whether Matt Damon or Cindy Crawford, all were there. All, except for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie! Allegedly kept shooting the two of them off to attend the wedding of her good friend George, but secretly put a dispute between the couple behind it?

The fact is, for someone like Brad Pitt, it should be easy to take a quick break from work to stand on such an important day his friend to the side. But Brangelina had they never invited to the wedding? George and Amal counted namely not to the guests, as Brad and Angelina at the altar stood, it is said, George learned how all the others from the media thereof. Is it it might hurt so much that he has not taken into account when Brad his own wedding planning? Conceivable that would be quite, but what is really behind it, know in the end only the parties involved.