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Cool! Jenny McCarthy wants gay son

Jenny McCarthy is known to usually do not mince his words. Now she even told that she had always felt as a half guy. A gay son would be for them as well no problem at all - quite the contrary!

With the US Weekly, the newly-weds presenter spoke very openly about their uncomplicated relationship to the other sex. In the sitcom "just shoot me - editorial by cut" played a transsexual character Jenny ever and felt contented thus: "I played David Spades buddy and felt more like his brother. To be one of the guys was sometimes alarmingly natural." So open Hollywood stars speak only rarely, but Jenny makes no secret of her liberal attitude. Would her autistic son Evan come out at some point as gay, would his mother is only good: 'Oh, my God, I would be so excited. We could go shopping! "Or style my hair!"

The former Playboy model has no problem with the topic and finds: "everyone is probably a little bi. It's just, who lives it out." Soon Jenny chats by the way professionally about the subject of sex, she gets a radio show titled "dirty, sexy, funny with Jenny McCarthy".