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Crazy! That's why Miley Cyrus holds for batty

Crazy! That's why Miley Cyrus holds for batty

One can of Miley Cyrus hold, what you want, but one must let her: she is not afraid, bluntly what she thinks - and acts refreshingly honest here. And obviously go because they think sincerity and madness go hand in hand.

Recently, the singer shocked even with a stark alcohol confession on stage - no wonder so many holds there for batty. But Miley does it all from nothing, because this view holds not unfounded: "No, it does not bother me really, when people call with crazy, because I am," she explained in an interview on Australian breakfast TV Australia's Sunrise . After all, she grew up with the likes of Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton around them. "And these people were not normal," she continued.

Unlike many other girls they had but at least authentic, so Miley: "I know so many girls ... that arise ... and in all respects are polite but personally they are not so polite And they are.. not so nice."

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