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Creepy: Taylor Swift fans know too well

Taylor Swift fans

Detractors might say that it is not too difficult to find out about the private life of Taylor Swift something, but it hastens the already reputed to pack their personal experiences into songs. However, the starlet was recently surprised about what the fans actually know everything about her - namely things that were completely unknown to herself!

In an interview with the magazine culture mirror the 24-year-old made no secret of their astonishment that one of their followers actually knew about the exact time of their birth.
 "I had no idea, for example, exactly when I was born, until someone posted it on the Internet," said the astonished musician. 
When she called her mother in the port, in order to ask the time, the answer was the same as that of their fans on the net. Novelty! Nevertheless, it is possible Taylor now and still to retain some events for themselves, even if it really requires absolute confidentiality of all parties.

Even before you has the Country Princess already no longer a secret?

Taylor Swift