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Dick Donato: Big Brother winner is HIV positive

Dick Donatois HIV positive

In 2007, Dick Donato won the eighth season of the American version of Big Brother, and is a familiar face of reality in America since then. In 2011 he moved again in the infamous TV-container only it only a week for personal reasons to leave.

Now the 51 made publicly, why he suddenly disappeared from the scene. Dick, HIV is positive. During the filming, it had taken blood samples the candidates to do a health check. "They told me that there was something wrong with my blood test. "You have made two HIV tests, one came back positive, a negative", Dick reported compared to people. The doctors had removed then another sample him, who should decide his fate: "when they told me, everything went numb. You put me in a car and drove me from the CBS Studio to my mother's House. She was the first, I told them."

For three years, Dick now lives with HIV, but he has not withdrawn from the TV landscape therefore quite determined. In the new season of "couple's therapy", he and on-off girlfriend Stephanie Rogness-Fischer make their relationship problems. Shortly after the momentous diagnosis it was his greatest fear, to confront his girlfriend with the truth. She have however shown understanding and fortunately also not with him contracted, it says further.

By the way, Dick believes to have been infected during unprotected sexual intercourse with a woman. There is not a drug past: "I've never had a needle in his arm, but that doesn't matter. We have created a stigma to this disease, which makes it a hard, to say that they were publicly." The open interview with his participation in the TV show, Dick Donato wants to change this now.