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Elena Khmelnitskaya showed new beau

After her divorce from Tigran Keosayan actress Elena Khmelnitskaya found found a new love. Couple goes out together.

Elena Khmelnitskaya showed new beauActress Elena Khmelnitskaya showed her new lover. With a young man who looks very attractive, she came to the premiere of the musical "Phantom of the Opera." Couple on the red carpet, do not hesitate, posed for photographers. In this case, Elena held his traveler arm and smiled. Looked star of the film "Hearts of Three" is very attractive - Khmelnitskaya opted for a black evening dress to the floor, adding to his clutches and bright coat, which somehow reminded tuxedo.

We recall not so long ago, it was reported that one of the most beautiful pair of Russian cinema collapsed. Actress Elena Khmelnitskaya and director Tigran Keosayan lived in the barge more than 20 years. They have two daughters - the eldest and youngest of Alexander Xenia. Khmelnitskaya starred in many films spouse, such as "Lily Silver", "The president and his granddaughter", "Hare over the abyss" and others. Divorce with her husband Alain spoke reluctantly noted only that the discussion of this topic does not give her any joy. Now it is clear that the personal life of 43-year-old actress was adjusted, and it looks quite happy woman.