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Feel-Look: How casual is Adele on celebrity party

Feel-Look: How casual is Adele on celebrity party

Since Adele Adkins mother of a young son, it is to the success of singer become more peaceful. Only rarely seen at public events, red carpets she avoids most. But now, photographers have finally managed once again to get Adele in front of the lens! And although there was the Grammy winner at a party with high-profile guest list, let her look not just close it. The Briton celebrated in absolute feel-good outfit and waived entirely on a glamorous styling

Although there was a party in a private circle, to which the singer had gone there, but this weakened the dress code actually not from. The other guests such as Jay-Z, Beyonce or Will.i.am brezelten in fact still on, even if the event had no official character. Adele, however, it might relax at the evening and put on black leggings, a wide poncho and a plain scarf. When it comes to hairstyling attacked the singer not particularly deep into their bag of tricks: a part of her shoulder-length hair divided them up and tied it to a small ponytail at the crown

A real glamor outfit should indeed be different, as well. as Megastar finally you can make it times quite comfortably on a relaxing evening!

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