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Fertility: Overwhelmed Jen Lawrence Chris?

They are the most surprising celebrity couple of the year and although there is as yet no official confirmation that Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence are a pair, provides its almost obvious relationship for many headlines. The actress already appears to be completely on fire for her new lover, supposedly she plans even children together and a wedding. But Jennifer risk that you may still young so lucky?

Unusually, it is certainly not the beginning of a relationship, when the sky is still full of violins and the rose-colored glasses fogged eyes, already dreaming of the romantic package. But it is also no secret that women overwhelm with such desires their partner often. Especially since Chris has indeed just finished his marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow and is already the father of two children. It is conceivable as well that he wants to take it once slowly with Jennifer. Let's hope that the actress does not run him with their future plans and it has probably ausgeturtelt again before the two have ever officially presented as a pair for the two.