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Finally: Liam Hemsworth talks about Miley Cyrus

Finally: Liam Hemsworth talks about Miley Cyrus

The broken engagement by Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth last year meant not only the end of a promising Hollywood love but also the beginning of a supposedly new and wild life section of the former Hannah Montana. Miley experienced a large optical conversion and has since lived a supposedly wild rock star life. The 20-year-old seemed to have almost shaken off her old life. Whether from conviction or PR reasons - one does not know to this day.

with her ex-boyfriend Miley, however, has never broken and spoke only in September of the great affection that prevailed between her and Liam.. This remained related to the delicate topic, however back and it only leaked inside information, the alleged similar. In an interview in the latest issue of Nylon Guys Liam breaks his silence now but finally and confirmed: No trace of War of the Roses. "There's not much to say. Flows no bad blood"

What he did, however, made immediately after separation and the entire last 12 months the hell the time, had the curious paparazzi. The eternal hunt for tears, new extramarital affairs and scandals puts him quite understandably in the bone: "You never get used to it you'll persecuted and hunted That's not a pleasant experience I think when people see photos of you think... it, you had asked or that you have attention please., but I do not think any normal person asks for something."

True, it will look different to the one or the other Z-listers, but Hunger Games star Liam understandably takes a different view.