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First pictures after the Wedding | Elisabetta Canalis and Brian: Canalis Towing as a couple

First pictures after the Wedding | Elisabetta Canalis and Brian

The month of October in the USA is all about Halloween. The most important tool for this time is of course a pumpkin and who holds what in Hollywood to be the most concerned a thick round well-formed piece. So even Elisabetta Canalis when towing pumpkin makes a fantastic figure and even presents itself as a good-humored wife.

Only Just Married, already the necessary things of married life are often tackled along. "Mr. Bones Pumkin Patch" lures in West Hollywood specifically to simply massive and little pumpkin fans. only recently visited the sweet Axl Jack Duhamel with mater and pop the colourful market, currently walked Elisabetta together with husband Brian Perri via the fondly adorned house. the 2 have bought a pleasant stolen property and walked packed with nice day pumpkins therefrom.

In Sardinia was the ex of martyr Clooney her Brian tie the knot. to date they need not appeared as usually as husband and adult female publicly. This action they need currently down pat a minimum of already nice.

Elisabetta Canalis and Brian

Elisabetta Canalis

Elisabetta Canalis