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Great concern for Amanda Bynes: "She's going to die!"

Great concern for Amanda Bynes: You will die!

There was a brief moment in the past, had the fans and friends of Amanda Bynes reason to hope, the child star would be really fine. After drug antics and various breakdowns Amanda had found At last help. But now, six months after she left the mental hospital, it looks as the 28-year-old into old patterns would expire.

Recently, there were reports that Amanda had flown out of school and just a few weeks after she finally left the House of her parents, the up to date supervised. However, the beginning of which only seems to have been. Amanda has pulled back it to New York, in the city, where all the evil began. Friends fear for her life! "She's going to die", a confidant to radar online reported. In the last few days the actress was seen again smoking and Lotter-look on the streets of the big city chain. It looks like Amanda would have lost control of their lives again.