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Hacking scandal: Google has 100 million $ to pay?

Hacking scandal Google has 100 million $ to pay

Slowly, the waves to the Hollywood hacker scandal have subsided. For the affected female celebrities, whose naked pictures were publicly To find in the Internet, the nightmare scenario is however far from over. Now, a lawyer who represents about a dozen prominent ladies, Google wants to sue for damages.

Operators of the search engine had failed on the part of victims Marty Singer according to despite multiple requests properly from the search results to filter the private snapshots and delete from the powered sites like YouTube and blogspot. It had still simplifies the distribution of the piquant material. "Google makes millions for and benefits from the harassment of women", as singer in a letter to the Chairman. In it he also remind that the damages and penalties related could be sure that $100 million, so variety. Google has expressed so far probably Not yet to write.

What women Mr. Singer is one exactly to his clients, he does not mention in his letter. Were affected, inter alia, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Selena Gomez, Kirsten Dunst and Kim Kardashian.