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Hard! So Taylor Swift comes with clear threats

the well know singer Taylor Swift

So a successful career in the music business and the celebrity that goes with it, have not just sunny side, the well know singer Taylor Swift also only too well. As with many other colleagues but suffers not only the private life of the artist including - rather, it is threatened regularly. With murder, kidnapping - or marriage, such as the 24-year-old revealed now.

"I have resisted for a long time, however, to provide me security people, because I love the normality really," said the starlet over the magazine Esquire. "I would like to go once again alone car - I have not done that for six years, but they have to be there alone represents threatened because of the sheer number of men who showed up at my house or my mother and... to kill me, to kidnap, or to marry me. " About this sad and very strange part of her life Taylor thinks though after not too happy, but she feels more comfortable when she has her security around.

"I want to keep my light-heartedness", the "Red" -Interpretin further, "For fear I need to have none. Afraid I'll never walk down a street."