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How comes it? Crazy: Harry Styles wearing jaunty straw hairstyle

How comes it? Harry Styles wearing jaunty straw hairstyle

As someone once again seems to want a new look. Katy Perry, Ariana Grande ... They all rave about him. But Harry Styles comes with his new hairstyle with the ladies ever so good?

A photo of Harry with complicated somewhat confused braided her hair has his hair stylist Lou Teasdale posted on her Instagram page. Lou always takes care of the hairstyles of One Direction-Boys and is also close friends with them. With his new hairstyle Harry shows once again how he is keen to experiment, because he really charmed the girls always with his vivid curly mane. The braided her hair holds anyway not last forever - soon the Blondie is again curse with his curly head the women's world. It seems that Harry and Lou just merely joking in a moment of free time. So Lou writes about the picture: "Ladies and gentlemen, my male grooming arts!"

Nevertheless, what did you do for an opinion on the special hairstyle One Direction-Beaus?