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How do they do it? Britney Spears: Slim despite calorie bomb!

How does it do anyway? Britney Spears , who had to fight in the past repeatedly with significant weight fluctuations, holds lately amazingly brave their weight. Nevertheless, almost every day she is photographed with a cool iced coffee, which is anything but low in calories.

So also currently: Britney still wears her sports outfit, but the cool cooling has already purchased that actually directly making the hard training again dashed. With relish, she drinks from the green straw as she makes an exceptionally good figure in the short pants and the tight Spaghetti. This is probably also on her show in Las Vegas, Britney demanded a strict quota. Finally, the singer is known for her dancing deposits, for which they need to keep fit. A creamy coffee breaks because obviously no hole in Britney's fitness training.

And to renounce everything Delicious and Sinful, which is no longer Britney's style! Maybe she's exactly why the annoying yo-yo effect finally under control!