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Interview with Alla Pugacheva in HELLO!

Interview with Alla Pugacheva in HELLO!

The heroine of the new rooms HELLO !, be released on October 14 became Alla Pugacheva. In an interview with Alla told about how spent the summer as they are with Maxim Galkin educate children Lisa and Harry, what are the kids characters, what music is in their house.

Generally, the topic of children - now one of the priority in life Pugacheva. Recently, his student Irson Kudikova Alla opened her own school of creative development, which now teaches. The work in this school, about what unique methods of the institution and its talented students Pugacheva also told the magazine.

And at the same time remembered started his own creative path and the difficulties along the way, she had to face .

Alla Pugacheva in HELLO!