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Is Will Arnett's "Wetten, dass ..?" - Backbiting okay?

Seems even weeks after his appearance Will Arnett of Wetten, dass ..? still to be quite distraught and baptized the show recently in "What the hell happened here?" order. But is his slanderous attack on the talk show Jimmy Kimmel a foolish attitude which is not lawful for a former guest of the show, or he speaks not so much of the German television audience from the heart?

Finally Markus Lanz stands with former giants show for quite some time in the criticism - and now officially on the hit list of the ZDF. The latter is "Wetten, dass ..?" With the seemingly getting on in years concept of just as overwhelmed as Will Arnett. And this ranks with his public criticism in a squad of many prominent voices such as Tom Hanks or James Blunt a. Now you might the public review of the show in the case of Will Arnett honest or just call but tasteless - but one thing should be clearly established without: A better PR would have been for the last show of "Wetten, dass ..?" ZDF probably may not want.

megan fox and wetten