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Jennifer Aniston may get his first "Oscar" for "Cake"

Jennifer Aniston may get his first "Oscar" for "Cake"

It is possible that Jennifer Aniston gets its first Oscar for best actress in a drama "Cake". The film received positive reviews from critics after its premiere at the Festival in Toronto, and directed by Daniel Barnes finds the actress is incredibly talented.

Note that in the "Cake" 45-year-old Aniston plays a woman named Claire Simmons, who suffers from depression and various addictions. For this role, Justin Theroux, the bride changed her hair color to dark, from makeup and makeup artists have painted on her face and neck scarred.

There is a possibility that this role will be crucial in the career of Jennifer: she is known for the audience exclusively for comedic roles. The star admits:

This is a beautiful, sophisticated and jaded character. Already in the process of reading the script, I saw myself in that image and felt that this is already happening. So accept the participation was quite simple.

According to the Director, the title role in "Cake" with producers considered only the candidacy of Aniston:

When we first read the script, 14 months ago, I wanted to work with Jennifer Aniston. This choice was the most obvious-she's incredibly talented. But before that we have never seen the beauty of her comic and dramatic acting in the same role.

By the way, the Oscar for best actress, is also likely to qualify, Moore Julianne played in the drama "still Alice".

According to media reports, the movie comes out in December for one week in the United States, hire to get a chance to participate in the "Oscar" of the race. Also, by the way, did the producers of "Leviathan": painting Andrei Zvyagintsev was exhibited for 7 days in one of the cinemas. With regard to the worldwide release date, "Cake" is in wide release in January 2015.

Recall that the nominations for the 87-Yu won an Oscar will be announced January 15, 2015 onwards. The ceremony will be held on February 22, but its lead is Neil Patrick Harris.

Note that in the "Cake" 45-year-old Aniston plays a woman named Claire Simmons