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Jennifer Lawrence commented on the leak of the intimate photos

Jennifer Lawrence commented on the leak of the intimate photos

Jennifer Lawrence became the heroine of the October issue of the magazine Vanity Fair, for the first time giving comments in connection with the fact of personal photos leak on the Internet. The actress told the interviewer that, immediately after the incident was very afraid and did not know how the scandal could affect her career:

I was scared, couldn't even imagine that we live in such a world. Yes, I'm a public personality, actress, but it doesn't give you the right to look at my naked body without my permission.

Jennifer noted that after the publication of the first portion of the explicit pictures (end of August) had planned to publish a written statement, but it was not able to write:

I sat down to write a formal statement, but each time it ended in tears or attack of anger. I was told that I must apologize, but for that I apologize? These photos were taken during a long relationship with my boyfriend, we spent a lot of time at a distance (probably the former bojfrende Jennifer Nicolas Holte-note Edition).

The actress said it was considering filing a lawsuit against Google, accusing the company of violating the right to privacy. Lawrence emphasized that considers hackers to attack crime and not a cute joke or scandal:

This is not a scandal, and now a sexual offence. Need to change the laws and our attitude to privacy. Even my friends felt normal to look at these pictures, although I did not give them any permission to look at my naked body.

According to Lawrence, the hardest part was to tell his parents about the incident:

If I had a choice-to call my dad and tell him all, or lose the money earned on "Hungry games", I would chose the second option. Fortunately, during my call father played Golf and was in a good mood.

At the end of the interview Jennifer noted that no longer feels anger by events:

Indeed, time heals. I can't ever get angry or cry because of those pictures. Also I cannot hope that criminals get caught because that might not happen. My happiness should not depend on this.