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Jessica Biel with belly: Will Justin Papa?

Jessica Biel with belly: Will Justin Papa?

Marriage For? Apparently not with Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake , possibly because the two are in a few months parents. After the actress has been spotted at a fertility doc, she now wears a tiny tummy before him. 

Everything looks look as Jessica was pregnant for the first time. In Sydney, some paparazzi caught the 32-year-old on a walk and zoomed straight to the middle region of their otherwise slender body. Under the white T-shirt that has combined Jessica to a comfortable sweatpants and a wide hooded jacket, but really points to the approach of a baby ball. The shirt seems slightly slack. When Jessica so do not just whistles on fitness and healthy eating, then she and her musician-husband will probably actually next year for the first time parents.

Currently, Justin is touring still diligently through the world, but who knows maybe yes follows after the current career phase once the baby break.

Pregnant Jessica Biel

Pregnant Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake