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Kids break: Nicki Minaj would be a full-blood mother

Nicki Minaj one can perhaps not imagine at first glance as the epitome of a mother. However, they now spoke amazingly prudent about their family planning. The perfect man for the job has Nicki with Safaree Samuels for over ten years at her side

L'Uomo Vogue Opposite the rapper explained now. "I do not want to work all my life without ever experience the joys of a family to make." Young plans to 31-year-old so definitely, if not now. "The time is not yet ripe, but if I decide to get married and be a mother, I will take a break and and devote myself entirely to my child," said Nicki. Even if they would retire only once after the birth, she still has a lot of respect for colleague Beyoncé left, who gave a concert after another despite child. "Beyoncé was seen with her daughter and her husband so heartbreaking and it showed me that it is possible, an animal on stage and at the same time a loving mother to be," she revealed encouraged.