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Kiss of Selena: Justin Bieber post away rumors

Kiss of Selena_Justin Bieber post away rumors

They kissed and they beat - and in the hired rhythm. The relationship status of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber is apparently more often than the weather changes. But yes whatever sunshine follows rain, there is a reconciliation at the most famous on-off couples - according to the recent rumors of separation now Of course again picture formidable and sooo sweet!

Just Justin has posted that a romantic black and white Selfie on his account with Instagram, proving how dearly and In love he and Selena are just. Tenderly kissing her boyfriend on the tattooed shoulder the 22 year old. He in turn take cool photos of the self portrait with sunglasses and seems to enjoy close to sels.

While it looked so in recent days, as radio silence rule when the two once again. After Justin in Paris with Kendall Jenner is perhaps not only depended, Selena settled by the strong arms of her dad's comfort. But after this new, public lip service like, believed that between SEL and the Biebs again everything is alright. At least See you tomorow...