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Kylie Jenner: the incredible transformation!

Kylie Jenner: the incredible transformation!

Impossible to miss, radical change, of Kylie Jenner within a year. Question look or physically speaking, Kylie grows and his evoluei style! It is to wonder if the young woman is finally found, or if she is still looking...

All parents will tell you, children grow up too quickly. But one wonders if the famous MOM who brought into the world the Sisters of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is actually pleased with the evolution of her youngest.

That was still shy and unobtrusive a year ago, now appears butt forward and lip retouched to the max. Appearances are sometimes misleading but vital to exist at the Kardashian. While his sister Kendall found the trick to distinguish itself as the filiform clan, Kylie Jenner, it, finds himself lost to seek an identity among his three other sisters, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian. Not easy to find its place when the latest in a line of it-girls.

But little by little, the beautiful 17-year-old eventually find, it is the rebel of the family. Yuvi eyes, held grunges and blue hair, the original of the Pack arrives as well as her sisters to talk about her. And the transformation was quick...

Indeed, remember Kylie Jenner, just a year ago. Her long hair was slightly discolored in tie and dye, his mouth small and fine, and his clothes were similar to those of a teenager 16 years trendy.

Today, Kylie is a Kim mini that outrageously expands its dark lipsticks lips, to display a mouth surprisingly all in volume. Sometimes short, sometimes longer hair extensions look, the little sister of Kendall has lost kilos, as well as its innocence, and displays now model body and sur-rehausses eyebrows. East - this too much? No one seems to stop him, not even when she exposes his body to its some 12 million followers.

Family Kardashian should watch over the small herd last or will leave - it run up to commit the same buzz that did take off Kim Kardashian?