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Mama-focus! Amber Rose just needs her mini-man

Amber Rose just needs her mini-man

After the divorce between Amber Rose and maven Khalifa is fully swing, the model told currently, however they cope as one mother. At a celebration in metropolis, the 30-year-old said: ".. i am doing pretty sensible I concentrate on my son".

How the North American country Weekly reports that Amber feel once the painful breakup of her ex up to now okay, however will their new relationship standing determine solely conditionally: "I'm obtaining a divorce, thus i am Single on paper, one might say however i am not prepared for it.". This makes the model the rumors of AN affair with Nick Simmons finished off and makes it clear what's presently a priority in her life: "I concentrate on Sebastian and on my work, I presently haven't any time for a person". the lovable Bash conjures his mother determined daily a smile on his face and apparently is presently the sole very little man in Amber's life.

2015 desires to start out the singer musical, parallel they need to travel through the judicial proceeding with maven. nonetheless Amber optimistic regarding their future.