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Marat Basharov beat his wife to a state of coma: the details of the incident

Marat Basharov and Katia Archarova officially legalize their relationship in May of this year. However, a happy family life did not last long: in the beginning of the week blogger sofia43 shared with us the sad news - actor, being intoxicated, he quarreled with his wife and beat her. Today it became known that some of the details of the incident.

It turned out that after a severe beating katia fell into a coma, as journalists reported her friend and lawyer Leonid Isaev:

Catherine was in a coma, which is confirmed by medical records.

Furthermore, the diagnosis made Archarova doctors voiced her aunt Irina Mlodik, wife of Emmanuel Vitorgan, who with her husband came to the televised "Live":

Fresh, closed, oskolchaty, depressed fracture of the left nasal bone, brain concussion syndrome partially empty "sella", expressed mixed mild hydrocephalus,

- READ woman medical certificate, and then added:

 He did not just hit her, he beat her. And the first hit was a head in the nose. Now she is at home, does not arise. And after that, Marat wrote such boorish sms her mother.

She was in a coma, but now talking. 

katia archarova
When this picture appeared on the screen, Irina Mlodik said: "It was even worse"

Vitorgan also could not hold back emotions, although initially not going to come to the transfer:

She is able man who survived the shock. I do not really want to go to the transfer, it seemed to me it is a private matter between two young people. I did feel a sense of humiliation. She is a person of the profession, which we all do. She has never been married, and what happened that day when we all saw her happiness ... But nothing happened ...

By the way, the first details of a quarrel with the actors of our readers sneaky blogger Valeri.

katia archarova in 14 years with his parents went to live in Italy, where she graduated from high school classic and the National School of Italian cinema. It was in Rome began her acting career - she starred in dozens of European films.

According to relatives, to Catherine wooed even princes. However, she gave her heart to a colleague and compatriot Marat Basharova.

As Basharova, something about his addiction to strong drinks many of you know firsthand, about two years ago, he was deprived of rights for driving while intoxicated.

katia archarova and Marat Basharov