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Maria Baibakova apologized for insulting article about domestics

Maria Baibakova apologized for insulting article about domestics

Galeriste Maria Baibakova has publicly apologized for the article entitled "Dismiss workers quickly and in public" (Увольнять прислугу надо быстро и при свидетелях), published in the Russian magazine Tatler. The 29-year-old daughter of businessman Oleg Baybakov described how competently manage a staff of helpers in the big house. The material has caused negative reaction from readers and got a wide public response-including in the Western press.

Note, Maria Baibakova is the main project of Baibakov Art Projects and awarded a diploma of the Swiss school of etiquette Institut Villa Pierrefeu. In her article she gave detailed advice on how to hire and fire workers, and had it built as a right relationship. According to kolumnistki, the most common mistake is to make friends with the staff and start treating someone as a member of the family. Many considered the recommendations Baibakova as arrogant, "bourgeois" and "insensitive".

According to British newspaper The Telegraph, Mary advises readers not to hire natives of the Philippines because of their "bez″âzykosti" (безъязыкости) and argues that workers should be dismissed quickly without wasting time on apologies and tears.

Moreover, the Western media on the theme of ironic Baibakova as a hire a Butler (Butler), who would oversee all the work of workers. Despite the likely salary up to 200 thousand dollars a year, it is "worth it". Of course, the foreign press has called the article "feast during the plague" the United States and the EU sanctions against Russia.

On his Facebook page Maria Baibakova apologized in English. She stated the following:

I apologize for my hurtful article in the October issue of Tatler. The text was heavily edited by the magazine, when I translated it into English, I realized how my words are rude and insensitive. I am ashamed of my words and I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart to all those affected.

As a lady who had very humble childhood, I consider myself a proper man who above all appreciates hard work and mutual respect.

By the way, the journalist Bozena Country intervened article Baibakova as:

Don't like magazines about the rich and for the rich?! -Do not read, nobody cries. Read a magazine Employee. Or dog and cat.

Very unhappy with me the reaction of Masha Baibakova as. More than gnusnovatyj the tone of the article. Reason to apologize for it. And to whom? Before the ants? Grasshoppers? I would purposely not what not apologized to.

Chief Editor of Tatler Ksenia Solovyov said with LifeNews that the text written in Russian, Baibakova and personally approved the material before posting:

I am in a quandary concerning Mašinogo allegation. I understand that she was nervous and did not expect such a violent reaction to the article. But the accusation that we have distorted the text totally groundless because Masha writes lyrics in English, and because it is our kolumnistom, all materials are certified by it personally, which I have written confirmation.

Tatler has released an official statement which read as follows:

Author Maria Baibakova as a column, published in the October issue of the magazine Tatler, sparked a stormy debate in the media and social networks. To address allegations of unprofessionalism, inciting hatred and enmity. We consider it necessary to comment on the situation.

Tatler-entertainment magazine about fashion and lifestyle famous and wealthy people, historically aimed at narrow audiences. Edition meets the needs of this audience, and, judging by the close attention to a number of our most recent publications, is popular. However, we admit that for the masses, some of our articles are not up-to-date and could cause a negative reaction in Avid for sensation commentators.

In our activity we comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation and not allow ourselves to verbal abuse, contrary to the interests and dignity of others.

We also wish to stress that the texts of our columnists are published with minor edits and all changes must be agreed with the authors.

USKAO will follow developments.