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Mariah Carey: his Japanese fans launched a "sling" to be reimbursed for the concert!

The diva may not appreciate... His fans want to be repaid!

While Mariah Carey has changed the lyrics of one of the songs she performed at the Japan to clasher her ex Nick Cannon that would wrong it according to the words of the title, the latter is not at the end of its surprises... Indeed, his Japanese fans seem more than annoyed after his trial concert "a catastrophe" by many twittos.

After a huge disappointment so for those Japanese who paid to hear the great voice of the singer who finally was apparently not there, so they have decided to carry out a "Sling to reimburse their ticket for a concert" according to information from the journalist Pascale Laverton at RTL. They happen to be reimbursed all of the tickets? Or is it lost in advance? In any case, the war seems declared!

As she is for Beyonce in tackling before spectators and full concert sound (now ex) Dear, as did the mother of Blue Ivy with humor for his Jay - Z, on the other hand Mariah has not convinced as Queen B... Will the beautiful manage to catch up during the next dates of his tour? Or will it continue to be it also clasher by users? Mystery.