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Mega-Gage! Kim Kardashian: $ 500,000 for 4 hours

Kim Kardashian gets coal for celebrations

This weekend, the mega-party takes place around the anniversary of the birth of Kim Kardashians. The buxom brunette celebrating their special day with their friends in the party metropolis in the Nevada desert. The famous nightclub TAO, who Las at the Venetian Hotel on the sinful Vegas Strip is, should pay the birth day child even a hefty fee for their presence.

Last year Kim celebrated her birthday at this club. It seems so likely to be a type B-day tradition, where the mega party to keep rising. An insider now reported radar online that the Club Kim wants to pay only for their presence. "You will pay Kim $500,000, so that she will spend at least four hours in the Club", it says. In addition, Kim gets only the best of the best during their stay. Inside white: "Kim will spend the night Friday night hotels along with Kris in the presidential suite of the Venetian. In addition to fly a private plane of the hotel Kim and her Entourage from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Kim must lift a finger for their entire stay."

Who next to Kris Jenner, Kanye West and Kim himself everything to the party is invited, is unfortunately not yet known. Kim is but with security as soon as possible telling their fans and publish a couple of Selfies in social networks.