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Michael Phelps booze cruise: New details revealed

Michael Phelps booze cruise

On Wednesday it was announced that the American swimming star Michael Phelps  was arrested by the police: He should have been inspected in Maryland under the influence of alcohol at the wheel of his car. The record-breaking Olympic champion is a repeat offender, as early as 2004 he came after a booze cruise with the law in conflict. While the float was silent so far, now new background details come to light.

So the athletes have not gambled shortly before his arrest for several hours in a casino as a staff told TMZ revealed. In a private VIP room, Michael had played among other blackjack. He is said to have drunk alcohol and loud Insider - especially beer. By 1 clock at night left the Olympic hero the casino before he was stopped at 1:40 of the clock police.

How much Michael has actually been drinking that night, the source could not confirm exactly. The police of Maryland plans but soon the incident nor an official statement to the press to publish.