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Michelle Hunziker: It rocks with the little ones

Michelle Hunziker_It rocks with the little ones

Already, it has been suggested at the beginning of the month Michelle Hunziker third pregnancy was confirmed then At last. With the mini ball, which carries forth the presenter before him, she could have anyway no longer kept its sweet secret for himself. Because are hiding At home Instead of to make trips in the nature with sole? -No thanks!

 Michelle Hunziker pregnant

Much prefer Michelle brings her radiant Sun child from the boring playpen and makes up with her to the nearest playground that soles pretty Mama is by no means averse to a fun round swings towards. With its nearly one-year daughter on her lap, the native Swiss now showed up on a beautiful playground. Sole shone, what keeps the stuff, and also Michelle came out even No more of the smile. The baby bump was to see up to date nothing. But for a phone conversation came slightly off the future Signora Trussardi and behold: viewed from the side, is already a Very much significant curvature. Simply adorable sweet the mother daughter baby bump team!