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Miley Cyrus, but what has happened?

Miley Cyrus now represents the debauchery and eccentricity. Rebel assumed, the young woman decided again to say that she had indeed changed by posting a shot of it for a long time... The difference is striking!

Miley would be nostalgic lately? Or pushes a little more provocation far?

A few hours ago, the singer posted a snapshot of an adorable little girl. And yet the brunette smiling and innocent, this is it! Eye tuck of joy, Miley must have ten years on the portrait and has all of the little model girl. A fact that the singer, today 21 years, wished to stress in légendant "the rachel in full f*****g force".

 the singer posted a snapshot of an adorable little girl

According to his words, the interpreter of Bangers regrets any this style of first class and "Daddy's girl". Disney actress for several years after the series Hannah Montana, Miley has since some time rebelled in order to assert that she was actually. Finish the face of Angel, wise clothing and Princess mane. Now Miley has cut and peroxydé her hair, no longer wears that our bodys and made each appearance a provocation. In short, an abrupt change.

That would steal her diary has changed a lot and proves it by posting this shot. The reactions of the fans have quickly followed. Both amused and shocked to such a comment on the part of the star on his own photo, them no longer seem more know on which foot dance.

Miley will it revert one day this wise girl? Or intend to contrast the flee as far as possible?