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Miley Cyrus: his SDF of MTV VMA friend sentenced to six months in prison farm!

Miley Cyrus, his SDF of MTV VMA friend sentenced to six months in prison farm!

At the last ceremony of the MTV Video Music Awards in August, Miley Cyrus did go on stage Jesse Helt, a homeless being sought by the police...

She surely wanted to do well but its initiative is definitely turned against his friend. August 24, Miley Cyrus was feeling at the MTV Video Music Awards. Instead of going herself seek his trophy for the best clip, she left a friend no abode go on stage. The young man of 22 years gave a speech poignant to raise the fate of many young stars to the street. Problem, Jesse Helt was wanted by the police! Since then, he is gone. And, according to NBC News, he has been sentenced to six months in prison.

According to the American TV channel, Jesse Helt asked a bit of leniency the judge. Even, his lawyer said that his client "would be considered to be a good person and not as someone harmful to society". Unfortunately, the facts are not in his favor.

It has in fact violated his probation period. He had been sentenced in 2010 for small crimes. In 2011, it had not gone to one of his appointments with his probation officer and had not carried out the work of general interest which had been imposed. Although he went by himself to the forces of the order at the end of last August, Jesse Helt pay price fort his crimes passed...