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'Mortdecai': Johnny Depp and other actors on the new posters to tape

Johnny Depp and other actors on the new posters to Mortdecai

Submit a mustache Johnny Depp and Ewan McGregor - easily. But imagine the vegetation under the noses of Gwyneth Paltrow and Olivia Munn - already difficult, is not it? However, staff Lionsgate have a different opinion.

So, yesterday, the representatives of the film company published on the Internet four new posters for the film "Mortdecai", which, as you might guess, the above actors have appeared before the audience with a mustache . Well what can I say - bright and fun!

Recall that in the center of the plot of the new film - the story of an experienced businessman and art fraudster Charles Mortdecai. Traveling around the world, rogue trying to get a stolen painting "The Duchess of Wellington" solely by means of its charm.

Rumor has it that the painting hides a code of access to safe deposit box with gold the Nazis - the only chance for the main character does not become bankrupt. And his plan would succeed, if on his way he had not met a British intelligence, the Russian mafia and his wife.

World premiere of action comedy "Mortdecai" on 23 January next year. Russian painting is scheduled for release on February 18, but we are willing to wait, because, according to the promotional materials to the tape, the project would be worthwhile!

 Johnny Depp_Mortdecai

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