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Negotiations are under way to continue filming "Sex and the City"

Negotiations are under way to continue filming "Sex and the City"

Jennifer Hudson, who performed the role of personal assistants to Carrie Bradshaw, "Louis of Saint Louis", reported that the producers are in talks about filming the third feature-length film "sex and the city".

As stated by actress and singer:

It is likely (the film runs in production-ed.). Approached on the matter. So, if such a possibility is being discussed, it may well be that it's still going to happen.

Remember, the first feature-length film based on the series was released in the year 2008, cash taxes amounted to 415 million dollars. And here is the second "sex and the city", dedicated to the adventures of Carrie and her friends in the Middle East, gathered at 110 million less, and besides not aroused enthusiasm neither critics nor moviegoers.

In addition, the prequel "S&C", "Carrie Diaries" series, was closed after a two season, as it became known in May this year. That once again confirms the old truth: the original is always the best any simulation.

Sarah Jessica Parker, however, in an interview with one of the glossy magazines early this year about the return of Carrie Bradshaw on the screen:

This story is another chapter, last. But here it is a matter of time, principled decision cannot be postponed for long.

But series creator and Director of both polnometražek Michael Patrick King says the following:

And Sarah Jessica and I-we both know about this last chapter. But the fact that it exists does not mean it should be told. Yes, these four girls don't go out of my head. However, there are also other stories which also need to be recounted, and other characters that need to be created.

As you can see, the 60-year-old producer is looking ahead and not going to get hung up on past successes: at the moment, for example, he engaged in a successful TV series "Two broke girls". So that the last chapter in the life of Carrie Bradshaw remains open.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson in the first feature film "Sex and the City"