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On Tour! Justin Bieber with dad in adventure travel

Justin Bieber with dad in adventure travel

Obviously at present not only has Selena Gomez a little time with her loving family urgently needed. Also Justin Bieber needs just some Daddy time, so it went out for the singer of the Paris fashion week directly on trips with Papa Jeremy. The two in Italy were straight, but now is already the next onward flight of the duo.

For lovers of art and culture in Italian cities, there is plenty to see. Also Justin wanted to feel even just like an ordinary tourist. Where it goes for the father son team but next, going to work out first with a new picture post of 20 years. Just has he uploaded on Instagram a black-and-white photo of himself and his father. The two are casual plane and pose for the shot. The snapshot was titled with: "Me and my daddy on a trip around the world!" Justin announced also on Twitter: "I'm blessed to travel the world!"

Justin Bieber with dad