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Rumer Willis threw boyfriend Ricky Whittle

Rumer Willis threw boyfriend Ricky Whittle

26-year-old daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis Rumer threw boyfriend - 32-year-old British actor Ricky Whittle. A key reason for the gap - the desire to focus on career Whittle. In addition, he was allegedly not satisfied overly revealing outfits girlfriend.

A source close to the couple said the following:

Incredibly, Ricky's got so much work that there was no time for Rumer.

It is noted that Whittle upset break because, apart from anything else, he got along well with Demi Moore. However, it is rumored that Ricky was afraid of dating a girl with her father Bruce Willis.

As for Rumer, then she took the parting quietly and trying not to dwell on the subject, even in conversations with friends.

Ricky Whittle and Rumer Willis